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From 2012 until 2014 we offered, besides our research product-line, high quality products for the end-consumer. These products are now marketed through our partner company, Wilhelms GmbH.

We offer tested and certified, concentrated formulations of mycorrhizal fungi for the cultivation of healthy and robust fruits, vegetables, and also ornamental plants.

By applying AM fungi you get larger and more robust plants. Lower fertilization and reduced watering are not only tolerated by mycorrhizal plants, but are advantageous. Many vegetables have a better taste and many crop and ornamental plants flower and fruit earlier.

All our products are permitted for use in organic production according to Regulation (EC) No. 889/2008 Article 3 (4).

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In December 2011 our research product-line was launched, which is used by research laboratories in many countries. 

SYMPLANTA Labor für Mykorrhizaanwendungen

Mycorrhizal fungi produced in vitro under sterile conditions are offered for research-projects. We also offer services to taxonomically characterize AM fungi, and to analyze the efficiency of the fungi with respect to vitality and colonization of plant roots. 

As a service our independent research laboratory can test products for their quality (composition of fungi) and quantitative aspects (colonization efficiency, biomass production, number of vital fungal propagules, ...), for commercially available products but also for (agricultural) soil inventories.

You are invited to screen this research-related branch on our websites, where we also give some additional scientific information about the arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) symbiosis.

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You grow crops? Interested in cost-savings combined with environmental friendly and more sustainable production?

Together with our partners and as leading producers of in vitro cultivated (contamination free) mycorrhizal fungi we offer our expertise for the application of mycorrhizal fungi in agricultural management practices. 

Advanced techniques, like the coating of plant seeds with spores of mycorrhizal fungi, are available for many plant species. This makes application more efficient (and thus cheaper), because the fungi can be applied where they are needed - where the root emerges and grows. Field trials with maize, potato and other crops (in Europe) resulted in a surplus of 5-15%, which means a economical situation with net-gain for the farmer.

Besides better growth, plants are also better tolerating drought phases, which are increasingly causing crop failure. And last not least fertilization can be reduced (possible and also recommended when applying mycorrhizal fungi) and allows cost savings.


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